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Splunk Lantern の記事が日本語で利用できるようになりました。.
Splunk Lantern

How Splunk Lantern Can Help


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Whether you're new to Splunk or a seasoned practitioner looking to unlock new value, Splunk Lantern lights the path ahead.

What You Need to Know About Splunk Lantern Guidance

Splunk Lantern holds a unique spot in the Splunk self-help ecosystem. Imagine for example that you're a security analyst, you have seen some signs of potential DNS exfiltration in your network, and you want to know how to use your Splunk deployment to monitor for it.

Our official product documentation will help you understand how to generally set up alerts and dashboards, but it won't connect that information to specific data types and use cases. Likewise, the Splunk Community is full of great tips on how other customers set up their environments, but you want validated, step-by-step instructions that you can follow and apply.

That's where Lantern comes in - by providing information that's written by Splunk experts, is applicable across different types of environments, and is oriented towards real-world goals, you get the step-by-step guidance you need to plug into your deployment and start working toward your business use cases right away.

What Can I Learn on Lantern?

Getting Started Product Tips Use Cases Splunk Success Framework Data Descriptors
If you're a beginner, our easy-to-follow Getting Started Guides for Platform, Security, and Observability help you get up to speed. Check out our product tips for Platform, Security or Observability to move beyond the basics and get Splunking like a pro. Wherever you are in your resilience journey and whatever use cases you need to accomplish, the content in the explorers for Platform, Security, and Observability can help.

Accelerate the value you derive from your data with Splunk software using this flexible collection of best practices for setting up the Splunk Platform as a program. 

Bring data to every question, decision, and action across your organization with comprehensive guidance for getting data in and applying data to your key use cases.

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Splunk Lantern content is intended to be useful to a wide range of Splunk customers, so you might need to adjust search terms or other parameters. Sometimes you might need to create a lookup or use an unsupported add-on. The content is intended to help you discover what's possible to accomplish with your data, to solve problems more efficiently, and to mature in your journey through the worlds of security and observability use cases. If you get stuck, there are plenty of ways that Splunk can assist.

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