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Normalizing Observability Cloud alerts into the ITSI Universal Alerting schema


You have integrated your Splunk Observability Cloud alerts with Splunk ITSI and now need to normalize the data to ensure all alerts data looks the same, meaning that it adheres to the ITSI Universal Alerting schema. This ensures that the downstream universal correlation search can create notable events in Splunk ITSI from many sources.

This article is part of the Splunk Use Case Explorer for Observability, which is designed to help you identify and implement prescriptive use cases that drive incremental business value. It explains the solution using a fictitious example company, called CSCorp, that hosts a cloud native application called Online Boutique. In the AIOps lifecycle described in the Use Case Explorer, this article is part of Event analytics.


Use the Content Pack for ITSI Monitoring and Alerting and Splunk Enterprise to normalize data from Splunk Observability Cloud detector alerts into the Splunk ITSI alerts index.

Watch this video to see how this is done.

Next steps

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