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Finding the root cause of online store checkout problems

Scenario: You are a site reliability engineer working in a cloud-native environment that runs several microservices to support an online store. Through alerts received from Splunk APM or customer complaints, you've identified a problem with your online checkout process. You need to troubleshoot and fix the problem to ensure that the bottom line does not suffer, and report on the impact afterwards.


To succeed in implementing this use case, you need the following dependencies, resources, and information.

  • People: Site reliability engineer, DevOps engineer
  • Technologies: Splunk Observability Cloud
  • Feature: API integration, Splunk Real User Monitoring, Splunk Log Observer

How to use Splunk software for this use case

Depending on your environment, you might find it useful to do some or all of the following: 

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Latency and errors in eCommerce environments can result in customers abandoning their planned purchases, with financial impact to your organization. Quickly identifying and fixing these issues results in fewer dollars lost and less frustrated customers.

Additional resources

The content in this guide comes from a .conf2020 talk, Logging for Observability, one of the thousands of Splunk resources available to help users succeed. In addition, these Splunk resources might help you understand and implement this use case:

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