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Review pod status in the Kubernetes navigator


  • Product: Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Feature: Container monitoring
  • Audience: Kubernetes administrators

This capability is part of the Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring value realization path, intended to get you up and running with bite-sized, self-contained use cases based on the most common problems that our customers seek to address using Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring.


You are a Kubernetes administrator for a large organization. You need to continuously monitor few different stats relating to your Kubernetes pods - the number of running pods versus the number you are expecting to be running, and pods in a pending status as well as pods that are failed. You need to be able to access these pod statuses in a single place so you can quickly and easily troubleshoot, reducing your mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).


This video shows you how you can configure the Kubernetes navigator to do this.

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