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Hyperledger: Fabric


Hyperledger Fabric platform is an open source blockchain framework. It provides a foundation for developing applications with a modular architecture, allowing components such as consensus and member services to be plug-and-play. Fabric networks are permissioned and consists of channels, which are a private “subnet” of communication between two or more specific network members, which allows members on the network to transact in a private and confidential way.


Splunk Connect for Hyperledger Fabric (Fabric Logger) 

Splunk Connect for Hyperledger Fabric sends blocks and transactions from a Hyperledger Fabric distributed ledger to Splunk for analytics. Each fabric-logger instance can monitor multiple channels for the peer it is connected to. 

Splunk App for Hyperledger Fabric 

Splunk App for Hyperledger Fabric contains a set of dashboards and analytics to give you full visibility into the system metrics, application data, and ledger so that you can maintain security, stability, and performance for your Hyperledger Fabric deployment.


When your Splunk deployment is ingesting Hyperledger Fabric data, you can use the data to achieve the following: