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Splunk Lantern

Automation, configuration, and deployment tool data


Automated configuration and deployment tools, also known as “infrastructure as code,” allow IT and DevOps practitioners to practice continuous application delivery in the cloud or on premises. Automation and configuration machine data monitoring helps application delivery teams deliver applications faster without sacrificing stability or security. Tools like Rundeck are platforms that take automation frameworks like Salt Stack and enable teams to automate states or playbook to make sure the code is released and reported back to a central reporting tool. When infrastructure is treated as code, it’s easy to share, collaborate, manage version control, perform peer unit testing, automate deployments, check the status of deployment and more. 


When your Splunk deployment is ingesting automation, configuration, and deployment tool data, you can use it to accomplish application delivery use cases.


Guidance for onboarding data can be found in the Spunk Documentation, Getting Data In (Splunk Enterprise) or Getting Data In (Splunk Cloud). In addition, these Splunk Add-Ons and Apps are helpful for working with automation, configuration, and deployment tool data.

Looking for more information on data types? Download the Splunk Essential Guide to Machine Data