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Using Splunk apps and add-ons in Splunk Enterprise

To help maximize the value of your Splunk Enterprise purchase, the friendly Splunk Customer Success team created this quick reference list that highlights how customers can best start using apps and add-ons in Splunk Enterprise. Apps are collections of knowledge objects that address specific use cases. You access them from the Home page or the Apps menu. A Splunk app can include elements such as a custom UI with dashboards, reports, and custom search commands. Add-ons are a type of app that provides specific capabilities to other apps, such as getting data in, mapping data, or providing saved searches and macros for use by one or more apps. Add-ons do not contain a full UI, and often provide some custom configurations or data inputs.

  • Listen to Splunk experts give a Tech Talk that explains how to navigate SplunkBase to find valuable apps.
  • Deploy an add-on and an app from Splunkbase. Instructions for how to deploy and install the app come with it at download time, or you can refer to the general instructions on how to install Splunk add-ons.
  • Contact Splunk Support if the app you want is not listed or if self-service app installation is not supported.
  • Discover the knowledge objects in the apps you downloaded. Go to the dashboards tab to view the dashboard knowledge objects. 
  • Check out the Apps & Add-ons section in our community.