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Splunk Lantern

Introduction to onboarding data in Splunk Cloud Platform

To help maximize the value of your data, the friendly Splunk Customer Success team created this quick reference list that highlights how customers and Splunk can best start onboarding and beginning to work with data in Splunk Cloud Platform. 

  • First, decide on the objective you want to achieve using Splunk Cloud Platform. Then identify the data you need in Splunk Cloud Platform to help you complete that objective. 
  • After you know the data source, find an add-on in Splunkbase to help you get the data into Splunk Cloud Platform (e.g., Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows). 
  • Install the Splunk Cloud credentials package to allow the forwarder to communicate with Splunk Cloud Platform securely.
  • Use Splunk Lantern’s security, IT, and observability use case libraries to discover new applications for your data.
  • If you have any questions regarding data onboarding, check out the Getting Data In section in our community or contact your CSM or CSA.