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Getting data in

The first step to driving value from Splunk Observability Cloud is getting data in. As soon as you have data flowing into the Splunk Observability Cloud platform, the Infrastructure Navigator tool will immediately provide you with insights on your IT infrastructure.

No two customer environments are exactly alike, and getting data in to Splunk from your specific environment may feel like a daunting task at first.  However, Splunk Observability Cloud has a number of built-in tools to make getting data in as quick and painless as possible.

Where to start

We recommend that all customers start with this Tutorial to getting data into Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring. This tutorial will walk you step-by-step through getting data in, with clear visual aids and screenshots that cover the vast majority of customer environments.

If the tutorial does not provide the information required to get data from your environment, or if you are looking for additional resources, try these resources:

Popular data sources:  

For more information, see Splunk Documentation - Our most comprehensive, technical documentation for getting data in from all environments.

What to do if you get stuck

Still having trouble? Splunk has many resources available to help get you back on track. We recommend the following:

Splunk OnDemand Services: Credit-based services that allow direct access to Splunk technical consultants for a variety of technical services from a pre-defined catalog. Many Splunk customers already have OnDemand credits included as part of their software license. To request OnDemand Services, file a ticket through the Support Portal.

At this stage of your journey, the following OnDemand tasks may be most helpful:

  • Getting started with Splunk IM
  • OTEL collector configuration guidance

Splunk Answers:  Ask your question to the Splunk Community, which has provided over 50,000 user solutions to date.

Splunk Customer Support: Contact Splunk to discuss your environment and receive customer support.

Splunk education resources

To fully unlock the power of Splunk, we recommend our comprehensive Splunk training. At this stage in your journey, we recommend the following courses:

Next steps 

You have data coming in, now speed time to value through implementing use cases.