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Getting help with Splunk UBA



Splunk offers a number of EDU training courses to help you get up to speed on how to make the most of your deployment. Completion of these courses to some effect is an essential building block to success. If you’d like to explore education options here, please get in touch with us via this contact form or get in touch with your account manager.

Course Price Description
Splunk User Behavior Analytics Free This course tours the UBA interface, looks at how UBA defines threats, and discusses steps to take when responding to possible threats and how to triage false positives.
UBA SOC Analyst Walkthrough Free This course walks through the interface and functionality flow for UBA SOC Analysts and includes detections, anomalies, threats, investigations, user anomalies, notable events and actions, and moving between ES and UBA.
UBA Admin Walkthrough Free This course provides an overview of role-based access and diagnostics and walks you through how to navigate the user interface, create users, and manage the system. You'll also learn about data sources, output connectors, subscription content, system settings, anomalies, and tuning.
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