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How Splunk can help: Hunting for threats


Would the ability to proactively find growing threats in one place simplify your threat hunting processes? Would flexible threat data usage for open source, commercial, and internal indicators of compromise close your visibility gaps? Would threat data coverage for short and long term analysis lower the time a malicious actor has access to your systems?

Splunk Enterprise Security offers all of this, plus customization options that enable your organization to grow and mature in your threat hunting efforts. Key features include:

  • An incident review dashboard that shows notables you can drill into to quickly decide what you need to investigate
  • Audit dashboards that give visibility into the retrieval, normalization, persistence, and analysis of threat data
  • Multiple options for getting threat intelligence data into the environment, including a wide range of apps on Splunkbase for new threat and source visibility
  • Multiple options for optimizing threat hunting performance, such as data modeling to accelerate searches and store results

Watch the following video to learn more.