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Splunk Lantern

How Splunk can help: Monitoring services


With Splunk ITSI, you can not only monitor your service health but also your business health. You can give your people the data they need to make informed decisions fast, cutting your resolution times from hours to minutes. You can show what's broken, when it broke, why it broke, and you can know with certainty what that's affecting.

Splunk ITSI glass tables let you create a high high-level view that you can display in a NOC or anywhere convenient so people can self-serve for the status information they need. You can show how entities relate and interact with each other, key performance indicators (KPIs) tied to any number of metrics from those entities, aggregate health scores, dependencies, and more.

This visibility is great for executive reporting and frees you from emailing status updates, but it's great for service teams too. Imagine your web team and mobile team are both chasing down the same issue. They'll eventually reach the same conclusion that there's an issue with the databases that feed our authorization service. But how long do you think it'll take them both to arrive there with the tools you have today? With a properly configured Splunk ITSI deployment, you can look at the service analyzer and identify the problem within fifteen seconds, and maybe see another service that needs attention. You can then make correlations based on the dependencies you've configured and find the root cause almost as quickly.

Curious how? Watch the following demo to find out.