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Additional Security and IT Modernization Use Cases for the Splunk platform

This collection of use cases for the Splunk platform provides insights specifically for manufacturing and supply chain customers. Manufacturing facilities and supply chains are rapidly increasing in complexity with the expanded use of robotic automation, IoT devices, and mobile applications. At the same time, our manufacturing customers are also experiencing more frequent and disruptive cyber attacks. Achieving operational resilience with real-time security and predictive monitoring of assembly lines, supply chains, and IoT devices is possible with the Splunk platform.

For more advanced implementations, visit our use case explorers for premium solutions: The Use Case Explorer for Security and Use Case Explorer for Observability.

For more resources on how manufacturing organizations use Splunk software, see Manufacturing solutions or Splunk Edge Hub Central


Use cases for manufacturing

If you're an Splunk Enterprise Security user, you might also be interested in the use case Using the OT Security add-on for Splunk to ensure NERC CIP compliance. Splunk OT enables organizations that operate assets, networks and facilities across both traditional IT and industrial (OT) environments to better apply Splunk Enterprise Security to improve threat detection, incident investigation and response.