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Communicating with your user community

A communication plan outlines events and activities your user community should know about, and how you communicate those events. You can use the worksheet here to define what to communicate to your Splunk community and how.


  • Executive sponsor
  • Program manager
  • Project manager
  • User community

For more about these roles, see Setting Roles & Responsibilities.

Guidelines for setting up a communication plan

A communication plan is an essential component of a comprehensive Splunk program management plan. For more information about program management, see Program Management Overview.

Communication options

Here are some ways you can communicate updates to your Splunk community:

  • Splunk banner message
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • SMS alert
  • Dashboard panel
  • Ticketing system
  • Portal (wiki)
  • Newsletter

Communication plan template

This list is an example of what kind of activities warrant communication to your Splunk community. Use these as a guideline, add and customize according to your own Splunk workflow.

Event Communication method Communication audience Communication frequency
New use case See Communication options above N/A After implementation
Scheduled maintenance Email All user communities 1 week prior to maintenance
In-progress maintenance Email All user communities When maintenance begins
Completed maintenance Email All user communities Upon completion
Outage/ongoing issue Email All user communities Within 1 hour of event awareness
Periodic update See Communication options above N/A Quarterly
Workshop Meeting invites All user communities 1 month prior to the workshop
User/team-created request Email Requester After implementation
User/team-modified request Email Requester 1 week prior to starting the user/team modification
User/team-removed request Email Requester 1 week prior to removing the user/team
Use case in progress Email Requester When implementation begins
Use case implemented Email Requester Upon completion
Use case removed Email Requester 1 week prior to removing the use case

Communication plan next steps

Post your communication plan for your community to see. Use your community portal, team wiki, or preferred platform.