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Splunk Lantern

Getting started with Splunk Security Essentials


Security teams often have limited log management and visualizations to detect, report, and alert on threats. This absence of a central way to monitor the organization’s security posture across the entire environment leads to the inability to monitor security logs and develop security-specific reporting and dashboards.

The Splunk platform offers a data-centric security solution required for foundational security monitoring to enable teams to build modern security operations. With Splunk, security teams can centralize and analyze their data, regardless of source or format, and gain end-to-end visibility of their environment, whether on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud. By adding on the free Splunk Security Essentials app, teams shift from being reactive to resilient by gaining:

  • Visibility that will help improve investigation
  • More context to help surface the alerts that are worth attention
  • A common work surface that matures with your organization

Watch the follow video to learn more.