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Proactive Response


Developing proactive response to threats is a crucial capability in building digital resilience. Legacy SIEM and traditional security analytics solutions can hinder threat detection, limiting visibility and inundating security teams with alerts and false positives. To overcome these challenges, security analytics tools like Splunk SOAR play a critical role. They automatically identify anomalous activity, enrich and prioritize alerts for further investigation, and automate repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and productivity. A proactive approach is crucial as it significantly reduces the potential impact of incidents, preventing customer-facing disruptions and mitigating the financial costs associated with prolonged downtime. 

Use the guidance in the following topics to help develop proactive response capabilities:

  • Behavior Analysis helps you to analyze behavior on your network, using machine learning to find anomalies in behavior that can notify your team of potential threats in near real-time.
  • Automation & Orchestration helps you to automate the incident response process, reducing the time you need to acknowledge and resolve incidents.
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