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Implementing use cases with SOAR


Splunk SOAR helps to clear out mundane tasks that tie up your security administrators' time by employing automation, while also offering orchestration across security infrastructures to boost productivity. 

Explore the following links to see use cases you should apply.

Automation and orchestration

Incident response teams see hundreds of alerts per day, and if analysts try to respond to all these alerts, they risk alert fatigue.

Splunk SOAR builds security automation into the incident response process. Your system monitors, reviews, and initiates a response, rather than having people monitor your security posture and manually react to events. 

Incident management

Incident collaboration is the process of engaging and using the expertise of various teams to route and resolve incidents. With many eyes and hands working together, it's important to have a central place to record and share information related to an event.

With Splunk SOAR, teams and security analysts who are engaged in incident response or threat hunting activities can effectively gather information on suspicious activity in their environment. Case-related records and affected users or assets can be added to cases to accommodate broad and specific analysis.