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Prioritized Actions


To enhance security operations, modern organizations need to be able to prioritize actions based on understanding enterprise risk and real-time service health. Splunk's advanced analytics tools automatically analyze and validate alerts, grouping related events into incidents and eliminating false positives. The goal is to streamline investigations and threat hunting activities across the entire attack surface, ensuring rapid and effective response to potential security threats and incidents. Splunk's dashboards and automated alerts enable faster and smarter investigations, empowering security practitioners to take proactive actions before any damage occurs. By optimizing time and resources, security teams can prioritize high-risk events and critical business services, delivering more effective threat prevention and response.

Use the guidance in the following topics to help better prioritize actions:

  • Threat Intelligence helps you to use information about current or potential attacks against your organization to minimize and mitigate cybersecurity risks.
  • Risk Based Alerting (RBA) helps you to implement RBA strategies that guide analyst efforts where they’re needed most.
  • Cyber Frameworks helps you to use a reliable, systematic way to mitigate cyber risk, no matter how complex your environment might be.
  • Threat Hunting helps you to reduce the time from intrusion to discovery, limiting the amount of damage that can be done by attackers.
  • Visualizations & Reports helps you to identify high-risk events, and map components of different services to understand interdependencies.
Use Case Explorer for Security
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