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Proactive Response


Instead of constantly fighting fires, ITOps teams can be more proactive when it comes to incident response. Incidents can be prevented before they occur through more accurate alerting. In addition, early warning can be provided by applying machine learning to historical data to better forecast and alert on potential issues.

In order to quickly and easily debug problems in microservices, developers need a simple and cost-effective way to send all the data about their applications into one place. After a problem is detected, they need a solution that can quickly guide them to the root cause of the issue and give them all the information they require to resolve it.

And finally, to create consistent, optimal user experiences, your engineering teams first need a good way to measure and understand them. Doing so requires detailed front-end metrics that go beyond basic availability. It requires the ability to measure performance proactively through synthetic tests, and a way to validate the actual experience of each and every user. After an issue is identified, you need a simple way to isolate which of the dozens or hundreds of components that impact the user experience actually caused the issue.

The use cases provided in this proactive response section can help with all these observability business problems and goals.

Use Case Explorer for Observability
foundation_grey.png prioritize_grey.png proactive_black.png optimize_grey.png

Reduce Alert Noise

Analyze IT Service Health

Understand the Impact of Changes

Prevent Outages

Debug Problems in Microservices

Optimize End User Experiences

Enable Self-Service Observability

Align IT and Business with Service Monitoring

Splunk On-Call

Splunk On-Call can also help your teams be more proactive. Splunk On-Call helps you improve business outcomes with automated incident response, optimize application delivery, respond quickly, stay ahead with robust reporting, and simplify on-call scheduling. Use the following links to learn some best practices for using Splunk On-Call.

Splunk Training & Certification has a number of excellent courses for Splunk On-Call if you are looking for a more sequenced learning opportunity. Click here to learn more.