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Splunk Lantern

Unified Workflows


Your central tool teams need a central enterprise-grade platform to monitor and maintain access and cost controls so that everyone across your organization operates efficiently and within budget. Your engineers also need this platform to scale, manage their workloads, and share best practices so they can improve mean time to resolve.

Additionally, your business stakeholders need an executive level real-time view of what they care about and how IT service and application health impacts the health of the business, including meeting emerging digital governance requirements. With Splunk ITSI, you can create, monitor and track custom digital, non-digital, and non-technical KPIs. These KPIs could cover anything your stakeholders care about, from ambulance availability to regulatory KPIs. 

The use cases provided in this unified workflows section can help with all these observability business problems and goals.

Use Case Explorer for Observability
foundation_grey.png prioritize_grey.png proactive_grey.png optimize_black.png

Troubleshoot Mission-Critical Apps and Infrastructure

Optimize Cloud Monitoring

Reduce Alert Noise

Analyze IT Service Health

Understand the Impact of Changes

Prevent Outages

Debug Problems in Microservices

Optimize End User Experiences

Enable Self-Service Observability

Align IT and Business with Service Monitoring