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Creating alerts and dashboards with Splunk RUM data


Alerting on Splunk RUM data

Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM) leverages the Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring platform to create detectors and alerts. Configure detectors to alert on your Splunk RUM metrics so that you can monitor and take timely action on alerts associated with your application.

How alerts work in Splunk RUM

In Splunk RUM for Browser, alerts are triggered on aggregate metrics for the entire application. If you want to create an alert for a page level metric, first create a custom event for the metric, then create an alert for the custom event. To learn more, see Create custom events.

If you are new to alerts and detectors, see Introduction to alerts and detectors in Splunk Observability Cloud.

To find examples and learn more about integrations, see Alert on Splunk RUM data.

To see RUM alerts in action, watch this short demo. 

Splunk RUM dashboards

Splunk RUM offers the ability to create dashboards for both web and mobile metrics. Splunk RUM also has two built-in dashboards: one for browser and one for mobile. You can link to charts and dashboards from the alerts and detectors you create in Splunk RUM. 

If you’d like to play around with sample dashboards in your UI before creating your own, follow these steps:

  1. In the Splunk UI, navigate to the Dashboards tab towards the bottom left.
  2. Scroll down to the Built-In Dashboards section, click on Sample Data, and then Part 1.
  3. Read through the Part 1 page to learn more and click on the titles of the three sample charts to see how they are built. 
  4. Try to build one for yourself! Use the instructions at the bottom of the page to help, and navigate through the rest of the sample data to experiment with additional types of charts.

There are two types of dashboards:

Splunk RUM Dashboards in action

To see an example of how to use out-of-the-box dashboards in RUM, watch this short demo.