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Getting help with Splunk Intelligence Management (TruSTAR)


In addition to the self-help resources available here on Splunk Lantern, try some of these.

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Technical help - OnDemand Services (ODS)

ODS consultants work with you directly to help you get answers to general questions, get insight on best practices, explore functionality, deploy or review the health of your instance, and implement your use cases. Most customers have OnDemand Services included as a part of their license purchase, but they do expire at the end of each quarter. Use them as early as possible in the quarter by following the instructions from the OnDemand Services Portal End User Guide.

If you cannot open a case or do not know if you have OnDemand access, contact your Splunk Customer Success Manager/Advocate or Account Team or the ODS team at for clarification and assistance.

Plan Implement Use/Adopt Optimize/Scale
  • Configuration Guidance
  • Data Readiness
  • Intel Planning
  • Enclave Planning
  • Configuration Support
  • Application Integration Support
  • Content Management
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Integration Feature Request

Project-based services

Project-Based Services are much more involved, typically larger-scale services engagements compared to ODS. With these, you will work with a Splunk Engagement Manager to determine and finalize the scope of the project. Once everything is signed off, we will work with you in lockstep to deliver on the agreed-upon project. If you’d like to explore options here, please get in touch with us via this contact form or get in touch with your account manager