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Review pod status in the Kubernetes navigator


You are a Kubernetes administrator for a large organization. You need to continuously monitor few different stats relating to your Kubernetes pods - the number of running pods versus the number you are expecting to be running, and pods in a pending status as well as pods that are failed. You need to be able to access these pod statuses in a single place so you can quickly and easily troubleshoot, reducing your mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

Data required

Kubernetes data

How to use Splunk software for this use case

  1. In Splunk Observability Cloud, click Infrastructure in the left navigation pane.image3.png
  2. In the Kubernetes section, click K8s workloads.image5.png
  3. In the Namespace drop-down menu, select default, and then click Add Filter.clipboard_e1c711788c8fcc9196ea0c0bf5ae44ca4.png
  4. Select k8s.workload.kind, select Deployment, and then click Apply Filter. image6.png
  5. You can now view the pods that are in a Pending, Running, Succeeded, Failed, and Unknown state. You can also select specific workloads to view the CPU%, Memory Usage, and # Pods by Phase in the right navigation pane. image1.png

Next steps

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