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Splunk ITSI helps teams proactively prevent outages by applying machine learning to data, correlating and reducing alerts, monitoring service health, and streamlining incident management. A single, live view of business service performance gives visibility to relevant services and aligns IT Ops and business leaders on the impact of service health. Real-time, predictive performance monitoring, AI-driven alerting, and integrated IT management workflows can even help teams proactively prevent outages before they impact the business. Teams can detect, respond, and resolve incidents all from one place for faster mean-time-to-detect and mean-time-to-respond.

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Business service insights

Business service insights help you determine which customers are impacted by an outage, understand what the impact on the customer experience is, and gain metrics that help you make decisions around application performance or shared infrastructure services. Splunk ITSI also helps IT Ops teams and business leaders align on common KPIs, metrics, and visibility. Business leaders will understand the needs and value of IT Ops, as well as how service health directly impacts business priorities such as reducing IT downtime costs, protecting the user experience, and growing their brand.

Event analytics

IT Ops teams need to quickly make sense of a ton of data so that they can find and fix problems faster. Reducing alert noise by grouping related alerts helps teams understand what is happening in their environment, and prioritization of those grouped alerts helps point teams to what is most important. Intelligent event correlation using machine learning groups and prioritizes logs, metrics, and events from multiple sources and helps IT Ops teams reduce alert noise by over 90%. Pointing IT Ops teams to a few actionable events and helping prioritize them based upon service impact means they can quickly find the root cause of an issue and improve their mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) critical incidents. 

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