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Application monitoring


Splunk APM offers comprehensive observability and troubleshooting capabilities for production environments. With full trace analysis and a no-trace-left-behind dashboard, it helps your team identify even the sneakiest anomalies.

The AI-driven analytics and directed troubleshooting feature allows for quick identification and resolution of issues by correlating system performance data. Splunk APM also supports OpenTelemetry, providing you with flexibility and avoiding vendor lock-in. Continuous code profiling enables the identification of service bottlenecks and resource optimization opportunities.

In addition, Splunk APM offers:

  • Full-stack observability and efficient error detection and troubleshooting.
  • Real-time ingestion, analysis, and storage of all data at any scale.
  • NoSample™ trace ingestion so no anomaly goes undetected, and immediate feedback on releases is provided.
  • Tag Spotlight event correlation with tag values, offering a centralized understanding of trace behavior.
  • Grouping of end-to-end traces based on common services or tags to track business workflows.
  • Smart dynamic alerting to set alerts based on thresholds, changes, or historical anomalies.
  • Always On code profiling analyzes code-level performance to troubleshoot bottlenecks and optimize performance in both cloud-native and monolithic applications.

Application monitoring use cases with Splunk APM

Splunk recommends following the Prescriptive Adoption Motion: Application Monitoring. This guide walks you step-by-step through implementing a best-practice application performance monitoring program.