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Failed browser test diagnostics


You're trying to run a browser test in Splunk Synthetic Monitoring and finding that the test is failing. You need to find out where to look to diagnose your issues and evaluate the level of criticality. Most importantly, you need to understand whether the failure is due to a real issue your users are experiencing or whether there is a problem within the check itself.


This video shows the steps you'll need to take:

  1. Confirm that you see the same issue in your real user data.
  2. See if there is a pattern in failure by location.
  3. Check your domain performance to see if a critical third party is down.
  4. Look at the run history and change log to see if there was a new release version or if there was a change in the check itself.

Next steps

You might be interested in these additional processes related to running Splunk Synthetic Monitoring browser tests:

Still need help with this use case? Most customers have OnDemand Services per their license support plan. Engage the ODS team at if you require assistance.