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Monitoring web application performance

Scenario: You can search and measure many aspects of applications and their supporting middleware. These use cases show how to gain visibility of your application health and improve the customer experience by monitoring availability, performance, and usage of applications.


To succeed in implementing this use case, you need the following dependencies, resources, and information.

  • People: Software engineer, enterprise architect, or DevOps engineer
  • Technologies: 

How to use Splunk software for this use case

Depending on what information you have available, you might find it useful to identify some or all of the following: 


After you run these searches, you can triage applications in your environment, leverage proactive and predictive monitoring to trend past performance, and make prediction about application response times, error rates, and other important metrics. You can use web access logs to see which web assets are used the most and gain valuable insights about page access. 

Additional resources

These additional Splunk resources might help you understand and implement this use case:

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