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Completing foundational training in Log Observer

Completing foundational training

You can get foundational training on Splunk Log Observer via Splunk Education.

Step 1: Register for Splunk EDU course: Using the Splunk Log Observer

This course is designed for developers responsible for debugging their own applications, and for SREs responsible for troubleshooting performance issues. The Splunk Log Observer is built primarily for DevOps teams working on applications built on modern tech stacks (containerized micro-services). It describes how to use the tool to work with log data using the no-code user interface. You will learn to create, save, and share search filters; and to investigate the shape of your log data.  You will analyze logs with aggregation functions and group by rules, and you will create rules to manipulate incoming data, as well as to generate synthetic metrics from log data.

Step 2: Attend and complete foundational training

Mark your calendars for your scheduled training session and ensure you attend! You will learn a lot about how to get the most out of your usage of Log Observer, so this is very important!

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