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Getting started with Splunk Synthetic Monitoring and Web Optimization

Welcome to Splunk Synthetic Monitoring & Web Optimization! After you sign up, you will receive an email that contains instructions on how to activate your account. You will be directed to a sign up form where you will set your password and are then able to login. After you login, use the following resources to get your customer journey off on the right foot.

Before you begin

Task 1: Whitelisting all Splunk Synthetic Monitoring and Web Optimization IP addresses

  • Splunk Synthetic Monitoring IP addresses can be found:
    • in the Knowledge Base OR
    • in the upper right hand corner of the UI under Profile Name > Monitoring Network
  • Splunk Optimization IP addresses can be found:

Task 2: Excluding Splunk Synthetic Monitoring from affecting analytics tooling

Task 3: Adding users to the platform

Getting started with Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

Task 3: Configure visualizations