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Splunk Lantern

Empowering engineers with unified observability


Prioritizing and diagnosing problems in cloud-native applications requires too much guesswork, which negatively impacts digital customer experiences. Existing tools aren't optimized for cloud native environments or integrated with the Splunk platform, which increases toil and MTTR.


Splunk Observability Cloud provides developers, SREs, and platform engineers with a unified solution to monitor, understand, and troubleshoot homegrown (often consumer-facing), cloud-native applications. With Splunk Observability Cloud, DevOps teams can use their existing logs alongside metrics and traces to get a single view of their entire hybrid cloud environment, connect infrastructure and application telemetry data to business metrics in order to prioritize issues, and cut through the complexity of large-scale cloud-native environments to isolate root-cause. Built-in usage and access controls help enterprises meet their budget and data security requirements.

Click into the following articles to learn more about four key unified observability use cases that can empower engineers at your organization.

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