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Getting started with Splunk Cloud Platform


Splunk Cloud Platform provides actionable insights from all of your data. This powerful platform provides:

  • Fast, flexible and scalable service excellence. Go live in as little as two days. Splunk experts manage your IT backend so you can focus on acting on your data, while our platform scales to your analytics needs.
  • Powerful, integrated streaming, search and machine learning, Access the latest streaming and machine learning capabilities. Search any kind of data at the edge and beyond in real time to detect and prevent issues.
  • Security and reliability to meet your data demands. Make the most of all your data while maintaining privacy and compliance standards with our industry-certified platform.
  • Predictable pricing that aligns with value. Affordably adapt to evolving data needs with transparent pricing that aligns your spend to utility, with instant visibility into usage metrics.

This guide walks you through the most important high level steps and links you to the best Splunk resources to learn and succeed in getting started with Splunk Cloud Platform. You'll learn about:

  1. Installing Splunk Cloud Platform
  2. Getting data in
  3. Using Splunk Log Observer Connect
  4. Extracting insights
  5. Implementing use cases
  6. Managing your deployment
  7. Getting more help

Migrating from an on-prem Splunk deployment to Splunk Cloud Platform is a big decision. If you haven't made the change yet, we suggest starting with the Splunk Cloud Platform migration guide. After your instance is running, return here to start getting data in.