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Splunk Custom Visualizations apps end of life FAQ


The Splunk Custom Visualizations apps are a collection of 11 custom visualizations that customers can download from Splunkbase for use in their Classic dashboards. These apps are reaching their end of life as of December 21st, 2024. This article contains commonly-asked FAQs around the apps' end of life.

  1. Why is Splunk sunsetting the Splunk Custom Visualizations apps? We have seen significantly lower adoption of the Custom Visualizations apps as compared to our natively supported (out of the box) visualizations, and have not introduced new features since 2016. With the future of Splunk dashboards being Dashboard Studio, and given that many custom visualizations apps are natively supported in Dashboard Studio, we are reallocating resources away from supporting the Splunk Custom Visualizations apps to new feature development for Dashboard Studio.

  2. Which Custom Visualizations apps will be impacted?
    Only the following Custom Visualizations apps will be sunset at the end of FY25:

  3. What will happen at the end of life (Dec 21, 2024)?
    The current versions of the Custom Visualizations apps will reach end of support and end of life on Dec 21, 2024 at which point they will no longer be supported by Splunk and will be archived from Splunkbase.

  4. Can I still use or create other custom visualizations apps?
    Yes, we are only sunsetting the Splunk-built Custom Visualizations apps. Other custom visualizations apps on Splunkbase are still available to use.

    The custom visualizations API also continues to be supported and available and is not impacted by this change.

  5. What alternatives do we have?
    Many visualizations have alternatives in Dashboard Studio: punchcard, parallel coordinates, status indicator (single value icon), horseshoe meter (single value radial), and sankey diagram are all available in Dashboard Studio. (See list of available visualizations). Customers can use marker gauge in place of bullet graphs, and Splunk Works' Maps+ app in place of parallel coordinates.

  6. What if I need a particular visualization?
    Before December 21st 2024 you can download the Custom Visualizations apps you need and keep a copy of them. We also recommend backing up your apps prior to any upgrades or migrations. If you cannot find a suitable alternative from our third party developed apps on Splunkbase or in Dashboard Studio, you can develop your own custom visualizations apps. (See Developing Views and Apps for Splunk Web) You can also request that specific visualizations are supported natively in Dashboard Studio via Splunk Ideas.

  7. What should I do if I have Splunk Custom Visualizations apps installed in my Splunk environment?
    After Dec 21, 2024, you can continue to use the custom visualizations that are installed in your environment, but you are fully responsible for the apps' usage as Splunk will not provide support, bug fixes, or security upgrades beyond the end of life date.

  8. Are SimpleXML dashboards also being deprecated?
    Classic SimpleXML dashboards continue to be supported, and are not affected by the Splunk Custom Visualizations apps end of life.