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SimpleXML Examples app end of life FAQ


The Splunk Dashboard Examples app delivers hands-on examples for creating SimpleXML dashboards. The app is reaching end of life on December 19th, 2024. This article contains commonly-asked FAQs around the app's end of life.

  1. Why is Splunk sunsetting the SimpleXML Examples app?
    We have seen a decrease in usage over recent years, and have not introduced a new example since 2017. With the future of Splunk dashboards being Dashboard Studio, and given that many SimpleXML examples may be found in our documentation or Splunk Community, we are reallocating resources away from supporting the SimpleXML Examples app to new feature development for Dashboard Studio. 

  2. What will happen at the end of life (Dec 19, 2024)? 
    The current version of the SImpleXML Examples App will reach end of support and end of life on Dec 19, 2024 at which point it will no longer be supported by Splunk and will be archived from Splunkbase.

  3. Where can I find SimpleXML examples going forward?
    You can find SimpleXML examples in our documentation or Splunk Community.

  4. What should I do if I have the SimpleXML Examples app installed in my Splunk environment? 
    After Dec 19, 2024, we recommend removing the SimpleXML Examples app from your environment. Otherwise, you are fully responsible for the app's usage as Splunk will not provide support, bug fixes, or security upgrades beyond the end of life date. 

  5. Are SimpleXML dashboards also being deprecated?
    Classic SimpleXML dashboards continue to be supported, and are not affected by the SimpleXML Examples app end of life.