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Implementing use cases in Cloud Platform


These use cases, curated by our best practices team, help you get started using Splunk Cloud Platform.

Security Use Cases

Cybersecurity use cases teach you to work with key data to streamline your security posture, mitigate business risk, and drive the modernization and optimization of your cyber defenses.

Discover additional methods for deploying, administering and extracting more value from your Security data.

  • Splunk Security Essentials: A free Splunk-built app that makes security easier, with four key pillars: to help you find the best content, learn how it works, deploy it successfully, and measure your success.
  • Splunk Enterprise Security: A premium security solution that is the nerve center of the security ecosystem, helping teams gain organization-wide visibility and security intelligence for continuous monitoring, incident response, and SOC operations.

IT Use Cases

IT operations use cases teach you to work with key data concerning uptime, performance, and response times of mission-critical applications and the underlying infrastructure they run on.

Discover additional methods for deploying, administering and extracting more value from your IT data.

  • IT Essentials Learn: A free Splunk-built app with pre-configured searches and step-by-step guidance to make it easy to adopt and learn how to use Splunk for common IT monitoring and troubleshooting use cases. 
  • IT Essentials Work: A free Splunk-built app with  out-of-the-box dashboards so you can start analyzing and working with your IT infrastructure data quickly. Better understand entity health and performance to speed up troubleshooting and streamline investigative workflows. 

DevOps Use Cases

DevOps use cases teach you to work with key data for better management of complex, cloud-native environments, case management, and streamlined processes.

  • Use Case Explorer for Security: Discover additional methods for deploying, administering and extracting more value from your DevOps data.
  • Splunk Observability Cloud: Extend the value of Splunk Cloud Platform. Eliminate data silos, drive down MTTR, and ensure great customer experiences with all of your metrics, traces, and logs automatically correlated in one place.
  • Splunk Synthetic Monitoring: Improve web app experiences Detect and resolve issues more quickly by simulating user transactions worldwide. Get automated suggestions to increase performance and reliability, and get more informed on your applications’ health. 
  • Splunk On-Call: A hub for centralizing the flow of IT and DevOps system data throughout the incident lifecycle.

Additional Resources

Take your use cases to the next level with Machine Learning. Additionally, use Splunk apps to help you discover new ways to apply your data to real problems using Splunk Cloud Platform.