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Troubleshooting data not coming in from a Universal Forwarder


It can be frustrating when you're not receiving data from a universal forwarder (UF), because after all your hard work and configuration, you go to look in your index in Splunk and find that there are no events found. There may be multiple reasons for this, however, being able to use internal logs to your advantage can narrow it down.


First level triage

  • Can the Splunk platform read the directory or file you want it to monitor?
  • Are there communication issues between your UF and your indexer?
    • You can see this from the _internal logs e.g. index=_internal log_level=ERROR
    • Or similar, if the UI is disabled on the UF, you will have to manually navigate to the $splunkhome/var/log/splunk/splunkd.log
  • Is a restart of the UF required for the changes you have made?

Communication issues

If all of the above is all working as is expected, then you can move on to looking at your end point-indexer communication.

  • Check if the UF is connecting to the indexer:
    • index=_internal source=*metrics.log* tcpin_connections | stats count by sourceIp
  • Check if the index you have specified in your inputs.conf exists.
  • Check your time range, adjust your search to All Time in case the timestamp is being read incorrectly.

Next steps

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