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Increase Efficiencies - A Prescriptive Splunk Outcome


The Splunk platform is a versatile tool that offers automated deployment setup, controlled provisioning through infrastructure as code, agile updates with continuous integration/continuous deployment, consistent configurations, and automated upgrades. The following three pathways offer numerous strategies to help you implement these features and increase efficiencies:

By following the guidance in these pathways, you will learn to optimize resource allocation, enhance performance via automated monitoring, secure data through robust backup and recovery, and simplify operations with streamlined user management. You will also ensure reliable data through standardized onboarding, validation, normalization, and enrichment, accompanied by strong data governance for compliance. Finally, if you are considering migration to Splunk Cloud Platform, you will be empowered to strategically assess your readiness through compatibility checks, security measures, and rigorous testing. 

In addition to increasing efficiencies, we encourage you to follow the other Splunk Outcome Paths outlined below to build the efficient deployment you need to succeed.

Splunk Outcome Paths
Reduce Costs Gray.png Mitigate Risk Gray.png Improve Performance Gray.png Increase Efficiency.png