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Use Cases for IT Modernization with Splunk Platform


IT environments are made up of thousands of apps, servers, and virtual machines that produce high volumes of constantly changing data, often stored in disconnected data silos, each with their own monitoring tools. Your teams need fast and easy visibility across data storage silos and monitoring tools to accurately detect and resolve an incident, and prevent long mean times to detect and mean times to resolve.

When your data is siloed, complex interactions between infrastructure and app components go unnoticed. Similarly, relying on siloed monitoring views hinders your ITOps teams’ abilities to determine probable root causes of incidents. This leads to slow triage, redundant problems, and a poor downstream customer experience. You need a unified log and metric management solution that can bring unstructured data from any source to break down silos at petabyte scale.

How can Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud Platform, and Splunk ITOps apps help with troubleshooting mission critical apps and infrastructure?

Provide holistic visibility of your machine data, logs and events, no matter the data source

The Splunk platform enables ITOps teams to tackle data sprawl. They can collect and index data from virtually any source and location, and do it at scale while managing cost. Data is stored in the Splunk index without sampling, which allows customers to analyze current and historical incidents. The Splunk platform helps ITOps teams optimize cloud infrastructure usage and spend with easy monitoring to pinpoint unusual spikes or trends.

To manage growing data volumes and cost, customers can filter, enrich, transform, and route just the data they want from the edge or cloud into the Splunk platform - or send to third party data lakes (such as Amazon S3) to optimize their access at the right performance for each use case they tackle. Combined ITOps and platform engineering teams can convert logs to metrics and freely analyze and correlate data without the limitations of conventional database structures.

Finally, federated data access ensures that you’re not creating new data silos, and that you have easy access to all relevant data for unplanned investigations and longer term needs like audit or compliance. For a complete business view, teams can import reference data or trained artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms from relational databases, data warehouses, or the data lake.

Help accelerate mean time to detection, investigation, and response

By centralizing data across tools and surfacing key risks, the Splunk platform empowers your ITOps teams to streamline and standardize workflows to reduce mean time-to-detection (MTTD) and mean time-to-response (MTTR). With the Splunk platform, ITOps teams have reduced MTTD by over 80% and reduced high priority incidents by over 50%, improving IT efficiency for competitive advantage and boosting customer experiences. Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform enable fast and extensive issue investigation for ITOps teams through the identification of emerging issues, deep root cause analysis, and rapid incident resolution. With schema-on-the-fly and a powerful search language, the Splunk platform allows you to quickly pinpoint incident start times, correlate across disparate data silos, and obtain the true root cause of incidents to ensure they cannot happen again. Most competitive monitoring tools only focus on basic metrics and availability monitoring. The Splunk platform goes deeper and helps ITOps teams to get proactive notification of system and application health with rich insights only found within log and event data. ITOps and EngineeringDevOps teams can also build on logging capabilities in the Splunk platform by reusing logs for cloud-native application and infrastructure debugging in combination with traces and metrics through Splunk Log Observer Connect.

Support operational resilience mandates and initiatives while keeping the customer’s production environments secure

Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform give your ITOps teams the data needed to safely and securely roll out and roll back changes, at cloud-scale. In addition, with approximately 1,000 purpose-built data source integrations and over 2,800 Splunkbase apps, you can extend the value of the Splunk platform as you evolve your business. The Splunk platform secures and reduces risk to the production environment by providing investigations and data analysis in the Splunk platform rather than directly on production systems. ITOps teams using the Splunk platform can easily revoke credentials from analysts who no longer need production system access, resulting in a more secure environment that is less prone to human error.

Optimize resources with informed, data-driven decision-making, while reducing manual and time-consuming tasks

The Splunk platform helps your teams and executive stakeholders from the line of business to analyze machine data, so they can begin to understand how systems and services are performing. The Splunk platform can help ITOps teams accomplish this understanding without a reliance on business intelligence (BI) or reporting teams, which are often hampered by slow and brittle extract, transform, and load (ETL) processing. Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud Platform custom compliance and reporting dashboards can efficiently scale to suit any enterprise ITOps team’s demands. Finally, the Splunk platform helps ITOps teams gain efficiencies by automating routine and time-consuming tasks, and through custom dashboards and reports, these teams can reduce manual tasks while proactively analyzing custom scripts developed by their teams.