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Getting help with Splunk Enterprise


Splunk offers a number of EDU training courses to help you get up to speed on how to make the most of your deployment. Completion of these courses to some effect is an essential building block to success. If you’d like to explore education options here, please get in touch with us via this contact form or get in touch with your account manager.

Professional Services

Splunk’s Experts are here to partner with you to help achieve the outcomes that are important to your organization. Access our experts through OnDemand Subscription Services or traditional Project-Based Services. We make it easy to get you the help you need in whatever way works for you

OnDemand Services

OnDemand Services (ODS) provides proactive technical adoption, implementation and optimization assistance for Splunk deployments, utilizing a pool of remote technical consultants. ODS credits are required in order to consume ODS, and the scope of ODS activities/tasks are predetermined. ODS can be requested within the Splunk Support Portal.

How to request ODS:

  • Ensure your organization has ODS credits to use. If you do not, please get in touch with your Splunk point of contact to discuss how to purchase.
  • Log in to the Splunk Support Portal.
  • Use the navigation on the left to locate the OnDemand Services section and proceed with submitting your request.

Learn more here: OnDemand Services Overview Video

Project-Based Services

Project-Based Services are much more involved, typically larger-scale services engagements compared to ODS. With these, you will work with a Splunk Engagement Manager to determine and finalize the scope of the project. Once everything is signed off, we will work with you in lockstep to deliver on the agreed-upon project. If you’d like to
explore options here, please get in touch with us via this contact form or get in touch with your account manager


Even the most savvy customer will need a little help. Whether it’s error messages, unexplained or unexpected behaviors, or incidents and outages, Technical Support is the first line of defense for all of your post-sales issues. Splunk Support Engineers will partner with you to ensure your environment is optimized to drive your journey with a
focus on long-term technical health, so you can realize your ROI as soon as possible.

How to open a support in the Support Portal: This can be accessed from the application UI. Bring up the navigation menu, direct your attention to the bottom of the side-bar, select “Help & Support” and then select “Support and Community.” From there you will be able to open a support case.

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